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What Your Friends Really Want After They Help You Move

Dec 25, 2018 | Local Movers Northern Colorado

It’s time to move. You’ve found the perfect place. You’re excited to get started. But you have no one to help you. In fact, the last time you packed your life up and moved, your friends and family helped — and it was somewhat of a disaster. You don’t want that to happen again this year. How do you convince your friends, family, and colleagues to help again? In this article, Skyline Moving Company will share what those who help you move really want in exchange for their time.

Keep Your Friends, Even After They Help You Move

One of the biggest struggles when finding friends to move your stuff is the process. No on can really tell how long the move will take, and your friends never really know what they’re getting into when they say yes. The easiest way you can help them is to give them a set time range. Here are some more tips:

#1. Make The Moving Process Straightforward

When you call your friends, tell them what you need them for. For example, you need help loading all your boxes into the truck. You can tell your friends that you need them from two to five loading all the boxes. If they are available, they can also help from six to eight unloading all the boxes. If the process is vague, you will find yourself getting told “no” more often than not.

#2. Do More Than Saying “Thank You”

Show your gratitude. You can say thank you, shake hands, and kiss babies, but you need to do more. Pizza and beverages are common to give friends to help you move. But what if your friend likes a specific kind of movie or book series? You could buy them one of these. Granted, this could get expensive, but if you’ve set a specific process, they will gladly help for the customized gift.

#3. Label Everything Before Your Friends Start Moving Your Stuff

One of the most frustrating questions that your friends will need to ask while they move your life is, “Where does this box go?” If you have all of your boxes labeled properly, you can inform your friends. This speeds up the process and makes the time moving feel shorter.

#4. Pack Boxes Appropriately And Label Their Weight

Not all friends are created equal. Some are stronger than others. Labeling your boxes as heavy, moderate, or light will help those helping you determine which boxes they can take without much thought. The easier you can make the process for your friends, the more they will get done in the timeframe you’ve given them.

#5. Load Your Friends’ Vehicles Properly

You want to load your friends’ vehicles so that it’s easy for them to drive from point A to point B. A five-car pile up caused by not being able to see out the rearview mirror is much worse than making one extra trip. Make sure you keep your friends’ from taking more than needed each trip.

#6. Purchase Gas For Your Friends’

Again, you can buy movie tickets, their favorite book, or a gift card to their favorite store, and you can pay for their gas while they’re helping you move. The best way to do this is after everyone is packed up and ready to go. You can have the group stop at a gas station and fill them up.

#7. Provide Snacks and Drinks Throughout The Day

It’s better to get the pizza early so that your friends can eat when they want instead of waiting all day to finally get the pizza and beverages. People get hungry quick when they’re burning calories, and you need to keep them moving. Get snacks and drinks that will keep your friends happy.

#8. Take Everyone Out For Drinks

Once the moving session is over, take your friends out for drinks. This will be a nice surprise at the end of the day. Also, ending their moving session with an event is closure; it helps end the day and gives your friends the ability to get drinks, leave, or decide to stick around for more help. In fact, most friends will stick around if you take care of them well enough.

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