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What to Know About Moving In Winter

Nov 11, 2019 | Fort Collins Moving, Local Movers Northern Colorado

For many people, changing living situations is already stressful enough. This is especially true if they choose not to take advantage of the moving services in Fort Collins. This amount of stress that a person is feeling can easily be doubled or even tripled when they are forced to move in the middle of winter. 

While there are some benefits to doing this in winter, there are also a lot of downsides to it. Unfortunately, when someone moves is not always a decision that is up to them. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that force them to move in the coldest months of the year. When this happens, the homeowner will want to be sure to hire a moving company in Fort Collins to help them with the process. Otherwise, they could run the risk of making a mistake that snowballs into a big problem. 

However, even if someone does end up hiring some movers from Fort Collins to help them out, there are still some things that they should be aware of regarding doing this in the wintertime compared to any other time of year. 

It Will Likely Be Cheaper

The very first thing that someone should know about changing residences in the winter season is that it should end up being cheaper compared to what it would cost them in the summertime. This is because very few people even like going outside in the middle of winter, let alone having to move all of their possessions to a new location. Therefore, since very few people are doing this in the winter, moving services companies in Fort Collins often tend to charge a bit less. 

It also means that they should be able to book the best company possible to help them out. If they attempt to move during the peak season, especially with only a couple of months of notice, then chances are that the top-rated places will be booked up for the time period that they want to move during. This will force them to get help from a company that is not nearly as good, which puts the well-being of their possessions at risk. 

However, even the top-rated companies will not likely be completely booked up at any point in the winter season. Therefore, they should have no issue with getting assistance from the best moving company in Fort Collins. 

Plan to Delay

No one ever likes having to change their plans. However, when it comes to changing residences in the winter season, this can happen quite a bit. This is due to the fact that winter weather can often be fairly unreliable and can end up making traveling anywhere a lot harder as soon as it turns even a little bad. 

Therefore, if someone picks a specific day to move based on the weather report for something that is still a couple of months away, then they should be prepared for the worst to happen. There is a decent chance that bad weather could arrive on that day or the day before and cause everything to become significantly more dangerous. 

Rather than be forced to follow through with the plan to move and risk something bad happening, they should enact their plan B to postpone until the weather becomes better. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, depending on the individual’s situation. However, if they are able to, they should always give themselves enough wiggle room to be able to delay their move if needed.

Be Ready to Do Some Last Minute Yard Work

When it comes to summertime options, the homeowner can easily plan to have all their yard work done well in advance so that they do not have to do any more on the day that they are changing residences. However, anyone who moves during winter does not have that same luxury. 

This is because last-minute fresh snow or even melted snow that froze overnight could require some yard work to be done the morning of the move. If it does snow or ice does form and they do not do their yard work before they start the process, then their sidewalks and driveways will be a giant hazard to them and the movers in Fort Collins. The last thing that they want to happen is for someone to slip and either hurt themselves, damage some of their possessions, or both. 

Therefore, they will need to leave themselves some time to possibly shovel the driveway and sidewalk, as well as lay some salt down before they begin to move anything. This will help ensure that everyone stays as safe as possible. 

Provide More Time Rather Than Less

Everyone always wants to get the process complete as soon as possible. This can cause them to be a little over-ambitious regarding how fast they can actually get everything loaded up, moved over to the new residence, and then unloaded once again. The end result is that they often end up falling behind schedule because they were not realistic about how long it would take them to complete the move. However, this is an even bigger issue for anyone who moves in the winter. 

This is because the winter roads are almost never in perfect condition, which means that the truck will need to drive a bit slower than the average vehicle to get everything relocated in one piece. It also means that the workers might have to move a bit slower to avoid slipping on any potentially icy or wet sidewalks. 

Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that the process will end up taking a bit longer to do than it would if they were moving in the summer season. That is why every homeowner should make sure that they have no prior commitments on the day that they move. This way, if the process does end up taking them an hour or two longer than they thought it would, they should not have any issues because of it.