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Tips to Save You Time and Money When Moving

Jul 2, 2018 | Moving Information


When facing a big move, the mere thought of it all can be tiring. This daunting feeling is mostly due to not knowing where to begin. You want the move to be as organized and efficient as possible, so having a set plan in order is vital. There’s no such thing as starting to plan a move too soon. Being prepared can save you a lot of money, energy, and time. Here’s a few tips and tricks to guarantee an easy moving day.

Clean and Donate First

As soon as you know that a move is pending, start to clear out closets, junk drawers, the garage, the attic, and any other place that might have items you want to sell or donate. Having a garage sale or arranging donation centers for bulk pick-up can help shave off the weight of your move.

Collect Packing Materials

Start to visualize your move and get an idea of how you want to transport certain items. If you need to order specialized boxes for portraits or moving mats for larger items, like statues or pianos, make sure you find these prior to moving day. Renting them at the last minute can get expensive. Identify what you have around the house that can be useful for packing, such as old duffel bags, laundry bags, luggage, or Tupperware bins. You can also save money by using towels, old t-shirts, or any other linens to wrap fragile items like dishes or vases. Having these materials ready to go will encourage quick and easy packing.

Keep Valuables on You

Don’t risk the loss and keep all of your most valuable items, like jewelry or laptops, on you during the move. If there are other valuable and fragile items that the moving company in Ft. Collins, Colorado will be handling, be sure to communicate with them that these items are irreplaceable and specifically need to be handled with care. This saves you a lot of frustration and worry.