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The First 3 Steps To Take Before Making A Big Move

Jun 4, 2020 | Moving Information

There comes a time when all homeowners decide that they want to move to a new home. If you are making a move for work purposes or because you found a new home, it can sometimes be overwhelming to get all of your things in order. Throughout your life, you accumulate tons of stuff. Clothing, house decorations, furniture, artwork, and electronics are some things that most homeowners have plenty of lying about. Sometimes looking at your house and examining all the different things can cause a wave of panic and stress to wash over you. Before you even start planning your move, you must organize your belongings and take it slow. There is no use in trying to tackle everything at the same time. You need to go step by step and do little bits at a time. In some cases, you may choose to prolong the period before moving out so that you can prepare everything accordingly.

 When you move, many things need to be done for it to go smoothly. Whether you need to move across the country or a few blocks, it can always require ample preparation. Sometimes, getting other people involved can help it go more smoothly and ease the tension. Usually, the best way to make your move smooth is by hiring a moving company in Fort Collins. They will be professionally experienced and make the job seem effortless. When you hire one of these companies, you will need to get your stuff in order before they arrive. This article will outline three of the first steps to take before they come. With a bit of time and elbow grease, you will get the job finished hassle-free.

Change Your Address

One vital step to take when you move is changing your address. You may have monthly subscriptions or an address book full of people who know where you reside. When you move, you will have a new address and want your mail to be sent there. Long before the movers in Fort Collins arrive at your door, you must contact the post office. The post office will be able to walk you through the steps involved to change your address correctly. In most cases, you can notify the post office of the day you are planning on moving and set up your address change for that time. Depending on the sale of your home and when you gain access to your new home, this time may be well before or after your move. You also want to inform your bank, other financial institutions, and employer of your address change so that they do not send confidential documents to your old address. If you fail to do this change, then you can miss out on important deadlines. 

Downsize, Organize, Pack

Many people do not realize how much stuff they have until it comes time to move. It forces them to sift through everything and, in most cases, will take more time than you think. As you won’t often get the chance to do this, a move is an excellent opportunity to organize and downsize. You don’t want to hold onto everything forever, and most of the stuff you have lying around you may not even have known you had. For this reason, you should consider downsizing to make a move go more smoothly. Start by getting everything out of storage. Find a space in your home where you have enough room, perhaps the garage, and get everything in one place. One by one, take out the boxes and go through them. Put things aside that you want to keep, have a pile of things you are going to throw in the trash, and another for things you would like to donate. While some items may not be useful to you, there are plenty of other people and families that could benefit from them.  

It can be easy to become very attached to items; it is essential to be discerning. If you haven’t needed something in the past ten years and are just discovering it now, you most likely can donate it. When you have separated all the belongings that you want to keep, pack them up in boxes. Make sure you label these boxes so that unpacking becomes more leisurely. 

Clean Up

Once you have organized and packed all your items, you are one giant step closer to the big move. After you have done this, you should perform a thorough clean of all the areas in your home. This process will ensure that you have not missed anything during the packing process and will help make the space more accessible for when the moving services in Fort Collins come to get your things. While you may be reluctant to clean a house that you’re moving out, it is a courteous gesture to the new homeowners. If you leave the house in an awful state, you will have to pay a hefty fee for a professional clean. Make sure you go through all the old closets and look in the back of kitchen cupboards. It is mystifying at the many things that can accumulate in these unused spaces. After everything is in tip-top shape, you will feel better prepared for the big move. 

Figuring out the logistics of a move can sometimes be overwhelming and take lots of time. If you get the help of professionals, it will make the process more manageable. Before they arrive, make sure that you get in contact with the post office to change your address. After this, you can start organizing, downsizing, and packing as these steps make sure you are getting rid of unused items and donating them. Once everything is all packed and ready, you can clean your house to get anything you may have missed while simultaneously getting it prepared for the new owners.