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Picking the Right Boxes for Your Residential Move

Jul 11, 2018 | Moving Information

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When planning your big move, you have much more important things to worry about than whether the boxes holding your belongings are going to hold up and do their job. Choosing quality moving boxes that actually meet your needs simplifies the entire packing and moving process, so read on to learn tips for choosing the best moving boxes, ideas for organizing your upcoming move, and other lessons from your movers in Longmont, Colorado.


Arguably, the most important quality in a box used to transport all of your earthly belongings is durability. Rather than using just any old cardboard box that you or your friends have lying around, you can get double-walled, sturdy boxes from moving companies or businesses that specialize in delivery services. If you want to compromise, a good plan is to use the original boxes for any items or appliances you have on hand, dedicated moving boxes for important or heavy items, and regular boxes that are still in good shape for things that matter less.

Good boxes not only protect your belongings during the move, they make it easier to stack and organize things on the moving truck and offer more protection if something should go wrong. They’re also less likely to break during transport and leave your belongings blowing around in the wind.


Contrary to popular belief, bigger is not better when it comes to moving boxes. Boxes that are too big often end up full of empty space, wasting large amounts of packing materials. The other common situation is that large boxes get filled to the brim and end up weighing a ton. Neither are ideal situations, especially when the obvious solution is simply to use smaller boxes to keep weight and waste down.


It’s generally better to have too many boxes on hand than too few, especially since there will always be someone willing to take your extra boxes off your hands. Having a few extra boxes lying around allows you to pack up any extras that never seemed to get packed once your movers in Longmont, Colorado show up.