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Need To Move Now? Here Are Six Tips!

Dec 10, 2018 | Local Movers Northern Colorado

Do you need to make a move now? In a perfect world, you would have prepared and planned your move weeks prior to now. But you’re facing some pressure, and you need to move as soon as possible. At Skyline Moving Company, we want to help you make the most of your move. In this article, we share six tips to help you move in a time crunch. It’s never easy doing things quickly, but we are forced to take action before we’re ready sometimes.

Six Tips For A Quick Move

Two types of hurried moves exist. The first is the surprise move. You are informed that you need to move and it needs to happen as soon as possible. The second type of move is the procrastination move. You wait a little bit too long to get started on your packing, and you have to race against the clock to make it happen. In either moving situation, you will find these six tips helpful:

#1. Determine How You Will Move

You need to start with logistics. How will you get your belongings from your current home to your new one? Answer this question first, as it will guide how you pack and how you move. For some, they will hire a local moving company to take care of their needs. Others will simply rent a truck and employ a group of family and friends. No matter how you get the move completed, logistics are key.

#2. Toss The Trash

Quickly determine what you do not need and get rid of it as soon as possible. Make it as easy as possible to pack, load, and move your belongings. One way to filter the items you keep and the items you trash is to make a pile. This way, you and whoever is helping you can move quicker, knowing that what they have in their hands is trash or keep. What’s more, you can start a donation pile, too. This way your halfway-decent furniture and belongings are thrown out when they could serve another family in need.

#3. Pack Your Duffle Bag

You’re moving in a hurry. A common mistake is that homeowners simply start packing, not thinking about what they’ll need hours from now to keep their life running. Set aside a duffel bag with two sets of clothing, your necessary toiletries, your phone charger, and whatever else you’ll need until you get to your new home.

#4. Pack. Pack. Pack

When you’re moving in a hurry, it doesn’t serve you to label everything. Although the pros at Skyline Moving Company do suggest you label your boxes, it may not serve you in this situation. Simply pack each room and keep those boxes near one another when loading and unloading. This way you have a fairly decent idea on where boxes go and what to expect when you unpack.

#5. Ask Friends, Family, and Colleagues For Help

Just because you’re moving in a hurry doesn’t mean you should do it alone. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues for help. If you cannot get enough people to meet your moving deadline, give Skyline Moving Company a call. We work to help our clients in northern Colorado move their belongings effectively and efficiently.

#6. Use Blankets and Pads

Instead of packing your throw blankets and pads, use them to cover art, furniture and more. You’re moving in a hurry, and you don’t want to ruin or scuff your prized possessions. A blanket or a pad can help save you the worry that your favorite coffee table will end up with a groove the depth of the Grand Canyon.

#7. Use Trash Bags For Clothes and Shoes

A common misconception is that trash bags are for trash only. In fact, trash bags are great for clothing and shoes. You can simply fill the trash bag three-quarters full of your shirts, pants, and shoes to make for easy packing and simply transportation.

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