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Moving Art? Here’s How Without Damaging It

Dec 15, 2018 | Local Movers Northern Colorado

You’ve heard of TLC before, but how does it apply to your antiques, art, and valuables? As a homeowner with so many valuable possessions, you don’t want to ruin them when you move. In fact, you’ve hired a local moving company to take care of everything except for your paintings, antiques, and more. But how do you pack your valuables without ruining them? In this article, Skyline Moving Company is going to share how to to just that so that you can move with less stress.

Hire A Professional Moving Company For Your Valuables

One of the best decisions you can make while moving your valuables from one home to another is to hire a professional moving company. Not only will you enjoy the efficiency and effectiveness of the service, but you can also make special requests for certain art pieces, antiques, and other valuables. Here are some tips:

#1. Examine Your Art Before Packing It

You want to take stock of the condition of your art. This means dinks, chips, or cracks (if there are any) need to be noted and photographed. This is to ensure that the moving company is kept honest if they accidentally drop or damage your art.

#2. Use Picture Boxes

You will want to search around or purchase picture boxes that fit your art appropriately. If you saved the original boxes that your art or mirrors arrived in, you can save yourself some money and use those. Remember, picture boxes typically come in two parts, and you will want to use decent packing material to secure the art or mirror inside.

#3. Use Packing Material

Most art owners use plastic wrap to protect their art. Instead, you should use specialized packing paper, which is more resistant to air, water, and grease. You can use this paper for antiques and other valuables, too.

#4. Bubble Wrap Your Valuables

Once you have your antiques, art, and valuables wrapped in paper, you can then wrap them in bubble wrap. This will help keep them safe from sudden jerks or movements while being moved. Also, when they are being moved or carried to and from the truck, make sure they are properly packed.

#5. Add Corner Protectors

Some may consider this overkill when it comes to moving paintings and more, but corner protectors help reduce the chance of cracks or chips from occurring due to rough handling or a tumultuous drive.

#6. Wrap A Moving Blanket Around The Boxes

As a final safety mechanism, you can wrap a blanket around the boxed paintings or antiques. This simply adds one extra layer between the valuable and potential damage.

#7. Load Your Art Strategically

When your art is being loaded, make sure it’s done strategically. You want your art to be protected from any sliding furniture or falling boxes. Make sure your movers load the truck in favor of protecting your art.

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