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Keeping Organized After Your Move

Jan 5, 2019 | Local Movers Northern Colorado

Moving from one house to the next is stressful and exciting, but it’s also extremely beneficial! One of the major benefits that we see when individuals move is the opportunity to improve your organization in the new house. Once the decluttering has been done, the garage sale is finished, and the boxes have been organized and labeled, you can feel extremely accomplished.

This level of organization isn’t an easy one to obtain, and it’s even harder to maintain. So, how do you work on maintaining organization once you’ve moved? Well, the team at Skyline Moving Company are here to help! We’ve compiled a few ways that you can focus on organization right off the bat so that you’re able to enjoy this in your new home.

Unpack in Reasonable Quantities

When you’re finally able to start unpacking your belongings into your new home, it’s extremely easy to get ahead of yourself. Rather than open multiple boxes at one time, start with one room that you know you’re going to be using immediately. For example, the kitchen, the bathroom, or your bedroom, are all rooms that will need to be unpacked pretty quickly.

When you start to unpack these rooms, start with the essentials. Get your mattress set up and your bedding out. The little knick knacks that you have can wait until the other rooms have their essentials set up. By getting the must-have items taken care of, you’re able to make use of your room and not feel rushed into designing the room the way you’ve imagined it.

After the essentials in all rooms have been taken care of, you can take your time decorating and unpacking the remainder of the boxes in a way that everything you take out has a place of its own. Given that unpacking is the first step to moving into a new home, it’s important that it’s done in an organized way. Otherwise, you’re starting off on the wrong foot.

Make Small Changes

Each of us has something that contributes to the mess in our house. Whether it’s dirty laundry that only makes it as far as next to the laundry hamper or its dishes that pile up in the sink, embracing small changes on a daily basis can lead to a more organized lifestyle.

At first, making these changes that help you with organization can be quite challenging, but you’ll be thankful that you worked towards them in the long-run. For example, if you’re someone that has a tough time putting dirty laundry in the hamper, try to tidy up any dirty clothes that are on your floor at the end of the day. Not only will it slowly become a habit to clean up your dirty clothes and put them in the hamper, but you’ll be left in a much tidier room at the end of each day.

Don’t Let Clutter Come Back

When people decide to put their house for sale and realize they need to pack all of their belongings they realize just how much stuff they have. This is why the decluttering process is so important. It provides clarity on the items that you actually need to be moving and helps you declutter the items that have been collecting dust for far too long.

Now that you’re in your new house, it’s important that you don’t let the clutter come back. It’s so easy to start acquiring new things and let the clutter build back up. Housing and financing paperwork combined with mail can lead to a cluttered house all on their own. Rather than let that be the case for your home, create an organization system and stick to it! This will drastically reduce the chances of clutter building up.

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