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How to Prep for Big Move

Apr 25, 2020 | Fort Collins Moving, Local Movers Northern Colorado

For most people, changing location is an inevitable part of life. Few people live in one place their entire lives, and when it is time to pack up and move to a new home it can be a daunting task trying to get one’s head around the best way to transport all of one’s belongings from one place to another. Beyond trying to figure out how to move one’s larger belongings—like mattresses, couches, and dressers—out of one’s home and into a new place, a person who is preparing for a big move should understand efficient ways for organizing and optimizing the process so that the move is as least stressful as possible. This preparation should include not only getting one’s belongings ready to be transported in a potential less-than-delicate manner but also deciding which of one’s belongings should and shouldn’t make the trip at all. Packing and unpacking can be a confusing and lengthy process, especially for those with a large number of belongings and possessions. Being properly organized before actually transporting everything to one’s new home can make the entire process go much more smoothly and painlessly than if one were to just pack everything up on the day of the move. How can people ensure that their prep for their big move is effective in reducing the number of headaches they’ll experience? What are some practical ways to prepare for a big move that will make the whole process easier? What methods work for an individual will depend on several things—like the nature of their belongings and how they prefer to organize things—but understanding that different ways in which one could organize their belongings before a move can give people ideas that will work for them. Here are some great ways to make that big move in your life go much easier.

What to Keep

Most people have a lot of belongings, often more than one can keep track of without help. How can a person keep track of all their possessions during a big move so that nothing gets lost in the transportation phase? Proper organization is the philosophy, but what is the practice? How a person keeps track of their belongings during a big move will depend on how their mind works and what tracking methods are useful for them, but there are some set ways that most people can ensure that their possessions are in check. Making an inventory of all the things of yours that you intend to move to a new house with a moving company from Fort Collins can be a great way to organize and keep track of your belongings during such a transitive time in one’s life. How a person breaks down their list is up to them. For households with more than one person, organizing possessions by who they belong to can make unpacking at the new location go much easier. Organizing one’s belongings according to transferability—meaning how fragile or strong they are—is also a great way to ensure that one’s belongings stay safe during a big move with movers from Fort Collins. By keeping a list of everything that a person wishes to transport to a new location, those who are taking part in a big move can more effectively organize their belongings and make the packing and unpacking aspect of the move far less stressful and time-intensive than it needs to be.

What to Get Rid Of

When making your list of belongings to make your move easier, it can also be helpful to look over your list once it is completed to decide what belongings will perhaps not make the trip to your new home. Taking part in a big move can be a trying endeavor for many, and any chance to make this event less stressful and less work-intensive should be taken advantage of. When you are creating the list of your belongings to prepare for your move, take a look at that list with a very discerning eye; decide which items you need and which you could probably do without. It can be difficult separating from some of your belongings, especially when many of them will carry sentimental value for you. When a person takes stock of their belongings and looks at things in the context of the rest of their lives, it can be scary to think about in what capacity certain items will accompany their owners. A person has to come to terms with keeping a large number of things that will never be used or even perhaps gazed upon again, yet to detach from these items feels like a deep transgression. Although it can be emotionally trying, using strict criteria for deciding which items to keep and which to discard can ultimately save you money in the long run and help one reassess what is important to them.

Gather Boxes

Now that all your belongings are properly cataloged and organized, it’s now time to prep them to be moved by moving services in Fort Collins. Most people utilize cardboard boxes to help them move large amounts of small items together, and many home improvement stores will sell boxes to help a person move. But there are other sources of boxes that a person does not have to pay for. Many grocery and liquor stores will offer boxes to their customers for transporting their purchases; such locations are excellent sources of free packaging for your belongings during your move. Another good strategy for gathering boxes for your move is to go to local businesses and ask if they have any extra boxes in the back. Although some businesses may reuse the packaging they receive their inventory in, others will be happy to get rid of some of their recycling for free. There are all kinds of ways to make one’s big move easier, all it takes is a little preparation.