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How to Help Movers Do Their Job as Efficiently as Possible

Nov 15, 2019 | Greeley Moving

When it is time for someone to move, they likely do not want to have to spend all day getting everything to their new place. Instead, they probably want to get the move over with as soon as possible. To do this, they need to figure out the most efficient way to go about moving all their possessions. 

The best way to do this is to hire a moving company in Greeley to take care of the process of changing residences. Because these people are professionals, they know all the tips and tricks to make the process as smooth and quick as possible. 

However, if the homeowner is interested in maximizing their efficiency, then there is more that can be done. Here are the various things that the homeowner can do to help the moving company in Greeley do their job even more efficiently.

Put Small and Fragile Objects In the Personal Vehicle

If someone is using the top-rated moving services in Greeley, then chances are that the movers will take extra caution to ensure that none of the items become damaged during the move. However, this does not mean that something out of their control will not happen and cause the items to become damaged anyways. 

So if there are particular items that the homeowner has which are especially fragile or valuable, then they may want to think about storing them in their own personal vehicle. Any item that is small enough, such as jewelry or a small TV can easily be put into the back of the vehicle so that the driver can take personal care of it. 

This will allow the professionals to focus on transporting the larger and heavier items that are unable to be handled by the homeowner. It will also mean that there is less stuff for them to load and unload, making the entire process a bit faster.

Do as Much Packing and Labeling as Possible

Most moving companies charge based on how much time it takes to complete the move. This includes the time that it takes to pack everything up initially, which not every company even offers to do. However, if someone goes with a business that does offer this service, then they can help save some money and time by doing as much packaging and labeling as possible before the movers arrive. 

Most possessions are usually not too big or heavy, so any homeowner can reasonably take care of packing it up themselves. Things like books, clothes, and bathroom supplies are all stuff that the homeowner can have packed and organized beforehand. 

They should not only pack as much as possible, but they should also be sure to label everything that they do pack as well. If the boxes are not labeled or mislabeled from a previous move, then the professionals will have to rely on the weight of the box to make the decision on how to arrange everything when loading it up. 

However, knowing exactly what is in the box and whether or not it is fragile is a big deciding factor in where to place it on the truck. So by making sure to pack and label as much as possible beforehand, it can help to minimize the number of possessions that get damaged and the amount of time that it takes to complete everything. 

Avoid Micromanaging

Anyone who has ever been a manager or team leader before knows that micromanaging is one of the most unconstructive uses of time that there is. Not only does it not help productivity, but it can actually lower it in most cases. This is why the last thing that any homeowner should be doing while the professionals are trying to load and unload their items is continually micromanage them by telling them every detail about how to do the job. 

The entire point of hiring movers is so that the homeowner can sit back and let some professionals do what they know how to do best. If they are going to be nervous and hovering over the shoulders of the professionals the entire time, then it is going to make the process less enjoyable for everyone and also make it take much longer. 

However, that is not to say that the homeowner should just get up and leave somewhere while the loading and unloading processes are taking place. The professionals will likely have a few questions about whether or not something is fragile or can be taken apart. Therefore, they need to be available to answer such questions when they arise. The best approach to take is to only supply comments or concerns when they are asked for or obviously needed. Otherwise, just sit back and let the professionals handle the strenuous task of moving. 

Be Courteous and Provide Refreshments

Something that most people struggle with understanding is that professional movers are humans just like everyone else. Because many homeowners are unsure of the social norms of hiring professional movers, they tend to act either awkward and distance or far too intrusive. It is best to just treat these individuals like anyone else and be courteous to them. 

The best way to do this is to offer them some sort of refreshments at the end of the loading and unloading processes. Some homeowners choose to do this by simply offering a glass of water to the movers. However, some people go even further by offering them things like granola bars and fruit to provide them with the energy that they need. 

This courteous behavior should be taken during a winter move as well. Just because it is not super hot out, that does not mean that the movers are not still in need of some sort of refreshment after doing all of that hard work of loading and unloading the belongings. In that case, it is recommended that they are offered some sort of hot beverage to make sure that they are not too affected by the cold.