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Great Moving Tips

Apr 17, 2020 | Greeley Moving

No matter who you are or where you are from, the chances are that one day in your life you will move from one living space to another. Not every home is permanent, and packing up and going to live in a new location is a common way to improve one’s living situation. Despite how common the practice is, it is by no means easy; having to pack up all of one’s belongings, load them into some form of transportation, then unload them in a completely new location can be a frustrating and patience-trying endeavor. Often one’s belongings can become lost or damaged during a move, which can dampen the joy one should feel when getting to live in a new place. Another issue is trying to minimize the number of trips one has to perform. If one’s new home is a significant distance away from their former place of dwelling, then making many trips can drastically increase the cost of the move. How can people make transporting their belongings from one place to another easier and more efficiently? What are some useful strategies for minimizing the amount of work one has to perform during a move? What tips and methods work for you will depend on several things like the nature of your belongings and their quantity. People with several pieces of large furniture will have to take different moving precautions than someone with fewer large pieces. Understanding the unique challenges that you face during a move is a useful way to create a strategy for an effective move. Here are some good ways to make your move easier and so efficient you’ll think you hired a professional moving company from Greeley.

Ask Friends

Sometimes all it takes to make one’s move to a new location easier is to have more people helping! It can be daunting to think about all of one’s belongings on your own and transporting them possibly long distances, especially if some of your belongings are large, heavy, or unwieldy. Asking friends for help is a great way to reduce the amount of time one has to spend doing the jobs of movers in Greeley. Other people can help carry boxes to whatever form of transportation you’ve decided to use and can help maneuver larger items like couches and mattresses out of one’s old home and into the transportation. Asking someone to help you move is a big favor, and some people may be apprehensive about helping even if they agree. Help ease their tension by offering them drinks and snacks throughout. It is also helpful to organize everything on one’s own so that it is not up to others to sort your belongings into boxes. This can result in lost or misplaced items during a move. Although it can be sometimes awkward to ask for help, the benefits of having friends help you move are immense.

Rent a Truck

There are all kinds of options for transporting one’s belongings from one place to another, and it is best to utilize which options are available to you. If one has the resources to rent a truck, this option is by far the best. A large truck can transport difficult-to-move belongings like furniture, mattresses, and other large items. In addition to being able to transport large items, a truck can also reduce the total number of trips one has to make compared to other forms of transport. Think about how full you could pack a car with your possessions and then think about all those belongings inside of a truck; the difference in the percentage of the space in the vehicle that one’s belongings take is astounding. Various moving services in Greeley will be able to rent out trucks for use for moves, and those who can afford such resources for their move should consider a truck as a viable option for making your move more efficient.

Move Big Things First

People’s belongings are not all the same size; from the very small to the very large, one’s possessions can pose unique challenges during a move due to their shape, size, weight, and fragility. Items like couches and furniture can make it difficult to efficiently pack a truck, especially if they are older and pose a risk of breaking. A good strategy for packing a truck for one’s move is to load the larger items in the truck first, followed by the boxes of smaller items. By doing this, a person can arrange the larger items in such a way to minimize the possibility of them shifting in the truck during the journey, and can use the smaller boxes as kind of cushions and barriers to prevent more fragile items from moving around in the truck. When loading the truck for one’s move, it is helpful to think about what can move around the least and packing items around it so it can act as an anchor.

Be Prudent

When a person is packing up all their belongings, they often will come across some items that they rarely ever use. The reasons a person has held onto such items can vary incredibly, although often an aspect of sentimental value is at play. While it can be difficult to let go of one’s belongings that remind them of a particular memory when one is moving it is a good time to be decisive as to what one keeps and what one can do without. Reducing the number of things one decides to move with will not only make the move easier but all create more space in your new home. It can be difficult getting rid of belongings that you can one day envision using, but more often than not those days never come, and one would have been better off benefiting from parting with such items to begin with. Moves don’t have to be a headache, use these strategies to make your next move easier and relax.