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Costs of Moving Services in Fort Collins Explained

Aug 4, 2021 | Moving Information

Relocating to a new house or apartment is an exciting, yet time-consuming process, inevitably requiring spending some money. From packing up your belongings and purchasing the necessary supplies to wrap and roll big and small objects, to renting a U-Haul to drive your belongings to your new home (especially going to another city/state),  a move entails lots of predictable and some unpredictable expenses.

Moreover, the manpower needed for carrying the furniture as well as other heavy objects like the fridge up and downstairs in addition to loading and off-loading the truck cannot be overlooked. Unless you have friends and family members who are willing to help you with it, relocating without the assistance of professionals can be a challenging task.

In this article, we’ll go over what you’ll likely pay for while relocating on your own to a new house. Furthermore, we’ll compare what taking advantage of moving services in Fort Collins would cost you and whether it’s the right choice for you.

Relocation Expenses

In the event you decide on doing it yourself and without the help of professionals, here is what you’d likely encounter as far as costs. Of course, it goes without saying you’d also be spending a considerable amount of time on packing, sorting out big and small objects, deciding on what to keep and what to throw away, loading the van/truck, etc., 

Travel Fees

Depending on whether it’s a local move or a long-distance one, your fuel budget will vary tremendously. For long journeys, you might have to take into account the cost of tolls, snacks, and drinks, as well as a place to spend the night. 


Relocation requires many supplies you’d have to purchase. From the most basic ones like cardboard boxes and packing paper to stretch wraps, foam sheets, bubble wraps, mattress bags, and plastic bins, you need to find retailers that sell such goods or are willing to give second-hand supplies away for free.

Rental Car

Some people prefer trucks, but most opt for vans. Whatever you choose, unless you can borrow one from a friend or family member for free, you would have to delve out some cash. Many rental car companies offer various vehicles with different insurance plans and varying fuel policies. 

Moving Services in Fort Collins

Hiring a moving company in Fort Collins will inevitably cost you more than doing it yourself, but it can definitely be worth it. In short, it can be stated unequivocally that relocating on your own will undeniably save you some money but hiring professionals is convenient, time-efficient as well as more practical. Taking advantage of professional moving services in Fort Collins can save you a lot of time, hassle, and headache. As far as costs are concerned, please read on:

Labor Costs

Obviously, part of the payment that relocation businesses receive goes towards labor costs. The price is highly contingent on how many floors they would have to carry objects, the weight of the stuff (furniture, piano, fridge, etc.), the hours worked, etc.


Many prefer not to go through the hassle of packing themselves and leave that to the moving companies in Fort Collins. However, this will cost at least an extra 100$. Most of the sum goes toward necessary supplies and workers’ overtime.


Relocating during the peak season (from April till the end of September) or the weekends can cost you more than other periods. That’s because moving companies in Fort Collins work based on cost/benefit analysis, too, and the job needs to be worth their time and effort. 


Another factor determining relocation fees is the distance between source and destination. Typically, it would cost almost three times more to move long-distance (approx. $4500) than locally (around $1500).


When relocating to another city or state, you might want to store some of your heavier and bulkier belongings somewhere for later transfer, etc. This additional option will cost you extra, depending on the type of storage, duration, etc.  

Liability Costs

Relocation involves handling valuable objects, and obtaining liability insurance coverage would benefit both you and the workers. That’s why almost all moving companies in Fort Collins strongly encourage customers to pay an additional fee for liability. There’s usually a range of coverage levels to choose from, like Basic Release Value Protection and Full Value Protection. You might even want to consider a third-party insurance provider when relocating.


It’s customary for movers in Fort Collins to receive $4-7 tips, depending on the size, date, and difficulty of the relocation. Haulers don’t rely on tips alone (like waiters do), but a tip is likely to increase their efficiency/speed in handling your personal stuff.


Most moving companies in Fort Collins offer extra options that can make for a smoother relocation process. However, customers do have to pay an additional fee for those. These add-on options might include utilizing special supplies like car tie-down straps, furniture sliders, and height sticks, disassembling furniture and reassembling them in the destination house, carrying special items like pianos, etc.

Some Beneficial Tips

Make a schedule; set aside an hour or two each day to pack items. When it comes to packing, don’t exhaust yourself; by dividing the packing process into several steps, you won’t get tired. Besides, you will have time to categorize your stuff correctly, won’t miss anything, and can easily find what you need. 

Packing the night before is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Since you will be overwhelmed by stress and may lose or forget a few essential things.

Additionally, multicolor packaging labels are a great help to stay organized. Tackle one room at a time with its own label. This will save you a lot of time. Instead of reading the descriptions on the boxes, all you have to do is match the color.