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Best Tips For Getting Your Stuff To A New House

Oct 7, 2021 | Moving Tips

If you’ve found a new place to live, then you’re looking at the proposition of getting everything you own into the new place. This can be an exhausting process, and for many, it’s one of the most stressful times in their lives. If that sounds like the way you feel about it, then you’re not alone. This article will attempt to give you some helpful tips to make your move a lot easier and less stressful.

Pack In Advance

This sounds obvious, but it’s one of the most neglected things when it comes to moving. Many people underestimate how much packing there is to do and leave it much later than they should. This puts them in the uncomfortable position of having to get everything packed away in a very short period of time. When you attempt to do this, you’re almost definitely going to lose or misplace things, and you’ll be stuck trying to find where everything is at the new house. 


If you simply take the time to pack far in advance, then you can do so in a very organized way, with all of your belongings properly labeled and put in their correct places. Don’t make the common mistake of leaving everything to the last minute, or you’ll end up with your belongings getting damaged or misplaced, and it will make unpacking at the new place a total nightmare. 

How Can I Do That?

This isn’t too tough, but it’s important to get it right. Rent or purchase a series of boxes, depending on your specific needs. You may need cardboard boxes, or you may want large moving containers. Whatever you decide on, try to get them weeks or even a month in advance so that you’re able to get everything packed away slowly but surely. Any rushing during this process is nearly guaranteed to cause issues with items getting lost or broken, and you really can’t afford for that to happen. Take the necessary steps to make sure that doesn’t happen to you and your family, and you’ll be rewarded with a nice and easy move. 

Get Organized

It’s all too common for things to just end up tossed in random boxes with no rhyme or reason for it. This may seem like the simplest way to get the job done, but it comes with consequences. It may seem easier upfront, but when you arrive at the new place and have no idea where anything is, you’re going to regret it. This also means that you’ll need to get everything else together that you need to make sure that the move goes smoothly. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed and end up extremely disorganized. 

How to get organized for a move?

One of the best things you can do to get properly organized is to start planning well in advance. You’ll be able to be much more meticulous with your organization if you get started nice and early. If you’re serious about getting organized then you’re going to want to keep track of everything you’re doing in a notebook or app. 


You’ll also want packing tape to make sure that you label absolutely everything. You can’t afford to have a bunch of unlabeled boxes sitting around your house, even if you think you’ll be able to remember what everything is. Once you begin to move, all of that is going to fly out the window. It’s essential that you take the time to get organized well before the move if you want to retain any semblance of organization once it starts. A move can be one of the most chaotic events in your life, and only supreme levels of organization can begin to compete with that level of chaos. 

Plan In Advance

Visit the new house, and think about what kind of layout you’re going to want for every room. You shouldn’t be getting to your new house and having no idea where anything should go. It’s important that you be able to step into the new place and immediately set about unpacking and getting your possessions where they need to be. The more planning that you do in advance, the less stressful the move itself will be. This is time well spent, and it will have a big payoff on the day of the big move as you can effortlessly determine where things should go.

How Can I Manage That?

The important thing to keep in mind is that you can plan this as far in advance as you want. Consider drawing out a map of your new place and determining where you want everything to go. There’s no harm in overplanning, but there can be a lot of harm in under planning. This map can serve as a guide on the day of your move and take all the stress and guesswork out of the process. You can even scan a couple of them and print off copies to give to everyone involved in the move. This will be very helpful if you have help with your move, so that everyone knows what’s going on. It’s going to make it way easier to get everyone on the same page. Your guide will remove a ton of the stress from this otherwise tough event.

Hire Help

Getting all of your stuff to the new place can be a nightmare, so you should get some help with it. A moving company in Fort Collins can be just the thing to help make your move headache free. Moving services in Fort Collins can help to make sure all of your items get to the new place safe and sound. Movers in Fort Collins will also make sure that you don’t hurt yourself trying to lift all of your heavy belongings. Having this help will make the big day so much less stressful. If you’ve covered all of the previous steps, this will be the final thing to finish to ensure that the move goes extremely smoothly.