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Are you thinking of moving? How to Find the Right Time to Move

Jan 4, 2022 | Moving Tips

It all depends on your preferences and budget. If you are looking to save money on a move, it is best to do so between winter and spring.

For a summer move, people with children should contact Fort Collins moving companies. For those who prefer to move in milder weather, spring and fall are options. However, it is important to consider the pros and cons for each season when moving.

Below is a list of each.

Moving in each Season: Advantages and Drawbacks

Autumn or Fall (mid-September to November).

Benefits of a Fall or Autumn Move

* Great weather: Autumn is a wonderful time to move. Because September through November’s weather is more pleasant and cooler than the summer, this is why.

* Low Traffic: People return to their normal lives during this time because there is less traffic for travel and moving. Fort Collins’ road conditions are therefore favorable for movers.

* A Better Deal: The summer home-selling season ends late in the year. The housing market slows from October to winter. Therefore, autumn is likely to offer better deals than summer for homes.

The disadvantages of a Fall or Autumn move

* The beginning of the school year: School begins in the fall. This is why it can be difficult to find Fort Collins moving services, especially for parents with children in school.

Winter (December-February)

Take Advantage of a Winter Move

* The best real estate deals: The winter is not a boom time for the market. This is because only a small number of people are buying homes, which has lowered the house prices. Anyone can buy a home to move and get it at a lower price.

* Skilled Crews: Fort Collins movers will only retain the best during winter. This is why moving crews are skilled enough to avoid damage and delay to your items.

* Lower Prices: The off-season for the moving industry is in late fall and winter. Because fewer people move in this time, prices for Fort Collins moving companies drop by 20-30%

The disadvantages of a winter move:

* Snow and Ice: An ice-smooth road can cause serious damage to winter relocations and may delay or prevent the move. Moving can be difficult due to poor or severe weather conditions.

* School: Schools are normally in session during winter. Those with school-aged children will likely have them at school. It may prove difficult to move during this period of the year for your children, as they will need more time to adjust, especially in their new school and home.

* Shorter days: Winter nights are longer than winter ones. Fort Collins movers may have to work at night because there will be less natural light available.

Spring (March to May Middle)

Take Advantage of a Spring Move

* Spring is more pleasant than winter. Anyone looking to move will not be affected by extreme heat or cold.

* Good Moving Deals: Most people move during summertime. Spring is a slower season for moving than summer. Moving businesses that are booked well will have higher prices because more people move. Spring is a time when Fort Collins has more moving services and the prices are lower.

The disadvantages of a Spring Move

* Rainfall: Spring is a time when it can be unpredictable and you need to make sure that rain doesn’t fall. Anybody who is moving should ensure that they don’t leave any furniture or boxes outside.

* Pollen: Pollen is rampant during spring. To prevent them from moving into your new home, cover any furniture you have.

Summer (Mid-May to Mid September)

Advantages of summer move:

* Warm weather: People want to be outside in the summer. The winter challenges of poor roads will also have disappeared.

* Summer vacation means school is closed: This is the best time to move if you have children in school or are still in college. This will allow Fort Collins’s moving company to help the children move without disrupting their school.

* More daylight: Summer has five more daylight hours than winter. This gives you an advantage when moving during the summer. The chances of moving in darkness are less likely because there is more sunlight.

The disadvantages of summer moving:

* Summer is the busiest time of year. Fort Collins moving companies charge between 20-30% and 30% more for summer moves. Because more people move in the summer than any other season, this high cost is due to it being a busy time of year.

* Summer heat: It can get very hot. This makes moving less enjoyable.

* Movers can cancel. In the summer, Fort Collins has a high demand of movers. Moving companies may have to cancel sometimes because of this.

* Seasonal movers are often hired by moving companies during summer. You are more likely to hire inexperienced movers. This means that there is a high chance of your belongings being damaged during the move.


Fort Collins’ Best Month to Move

Because most leases are due at month’s end, mid-month is the best time to move. People will be searching for apartments and moving within the next few days.

Fort Collins’s moving companies are less in demand during the middle of the month. Because business is slow, it’s easier for moving companies to plan their mid-month plans.


Take a bow

Research has shown that you can save money by moving during the middle of the month or week, regardless of season. Midweek and mid-month demand is generally lower than weekends at the beginning and end of each month.

This is because leases typically begin on the first weekend and end on the last weekend in the month. Because more people prefer to move on weekends, it is best to move during the weekdays and weekends during the mid-month.