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A New Home, a New Life: How to Find a Firm to Help You Move

Aug 2, 2021 | Moving Information

It’s time to move into your new home, and there’s no doubt you’re overwhelmed by the number of things going through your mind. You have to be extra careful with the packing because you don’t want to put too much pressure on fragile items. Plus, you have to deal with unexpected bills, adding more tension to the situation.

If you’ve ever heard horror stories from untrustworthy providers, then you know how vital it is to find a reliable firm. Relocating is stressful and frustrating as it is, hence the need for someone to take some of the burdens off your shoulders and help you enjoy the beginning of a new life in your new home.

Before you start packing, do some research on what you precisely expect from a relocation firm. You can’t just pick up the phone and call the first provider in the classified section or in a Google search. Each relocation situation is unique, and your needs might vary from the next person.

Therefore, you need a reliable and experienced provider with expertise in designing solutions tailored to any particular project. Here below, we have gathered a few tips on how to spot the qualities of a great relocation firm.


When you trust all of your prized possessions with a provider, the first question that you need to be able to satisfactorily answer is: Can I trust them? The answer lies in going through customer review platforms where they rate businesses and read the comments section by satisfied/dissatisfied customers. For example, you can type in “moving services in Greely” to see a list of providers for the area. However, don’t look for a 5-star review, because that’s not really useful. 

You can’t please everyone, which is why even the most popular businesses will receive some negative reviews/comments. The wiser course of action is to look for an above-average rating based on customer satisfaction. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to find out about any complaints or violations in the firm’s history. Furthermore, make sure to pick a provider that has a PUC license number.  

When analyzing the reviews, check to see what customers say about their operational structure and organization. For example, there are some firms that double-book clients, don’t arrive on time, and create other problems.


Depending on the scale and speed of the project, relocation can sometimes be complex and demanding. By hiring an inexperienced provider, you’d only be wasting your time and money on a solution that will only add to the problem. 

What you need is a reliable specialist firm with a solid professional background that has the expertise and experience to deal with unique situations. They must be able to handle all sorts of moves and provide all the requisite certifications and licensing. 

Generally, it’s better to decide if you need short distance or long distance assistance. Suppose you’re planning to move from Toronto to Vancouver, in that case, you should seek and contact a provider with the necessary know-how, infrastructure, and connections to help you do that in an acceptable time frame. 

But, for example, if you’re planning to move locally within Ottawa, you’d be well-advised to hire a moving company in Greely that can provide you the same level of quality at a lower cost.

Clear Communication

It’s only logical you’d want to continuously keep track of the relocation process until the very end. With sufficient research, you can figure out how responsive and attentive a provider is and how much it cares about its clients. You’re the one in charge, and the process should move forward as you deem appropriate. Just to make sure, you can head to the firm’s office to see for yourself how they treat their clients. 

In today’s busy world, wasting time is worse than wasting money. You want to be aware of the process and for them to abide by the schedule, they agreed to. In most cases, there’s a specific due date for relocation, which is why you need to include any unexpected events or issues in the schedule. A professional firm will spell out the entire process and meet your expectations to a reasonable degree.

Quality Infrastructure

When relocating, you need to move your stuff, including heavy ones like the fridge or the furniture, into your new place. Doing that requires specific tools, and since you don’t have them, you hire a professional. They have special equipment/gears inside their truck for picking up heavy objects, and they have specific tools to protect your property from any damage. This is particularly important if you have items such as valuable paintings, unique collections, or even a set of expensive crystals.

They have everything needed to guarantee the safety of your belongings from the moment it leaves your old house to when it’s unloaded in the new one. However, it’s not just about your packages and boxes. Using the right equipment will save the crew from any common accident during relocation.

You can easily spot a professional team when you see one. They’re clean, coordinated, organized, and courteous. They don’t waste time, don’t take too many breaks, and don’t try to put all of the responsibility on someone else. Every member has a specific job, and they have the necessary experience and knowledge to do that with maximum efficiency.

Upfront & Affordable

Last but not least, you need to find a provider that matches your budget. Usually, when you ask for a quote, they will give you a written cost estimate. But, make sure that the estimate is detailed enough to clearly show the fees associated with every requested option.

The best approach is to obtain written estimates from multiple providers and then compare. However, don’t fall into the trap of going for the cheapest one because affordability doesn’t necessarily equal value. Just make sure you don’t overpay and get the desired level of quality within the best possible price range. For instance, if you’re planning to move from one location to another in Ottawa, you don’t need an international provider because local movers in Greely can do that just as well, or even better.