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6 Ways to Cut Costs When Moving

Oct 22, 2019 | Greeley Moving

Relocating is not only an exciting life change but it can be an expensive one as well. There are many small costs that can add up, even if you are only going across town. Luckily, whether you choose to hire a moving company in Greeley or you want to do the daunting task yourself, there are a few ways that you can cut costs and save a little money. Here are six ways that you can enjoy a budget-friendly move. 

1. Reuse Boxes

Moving boxes are one of your biggest expenses when you relocate. You can find that large, heavy-duty boxes can cost you several dollars per box. If you live in a small apartment or condo, you may find that you need more than a dozen and if you live in a much larger home, you could need several dozens. 

To save a substantial amount of money, reuse boxes. Use old boxes that you may have laying around. For example, if you have young children, diaper boxes are an excellent option. Most of these boxes feature a small handle and are of high-quality. You may also ask neighbors, friends, or even co-workers if they have any old boxes that are lying around their home. By taking the time to gather these older boxes, your budget will thank you. 

2. Talk to Local Stores

If you can’t round up older boxes, don’t give up just yet and purchase dozens of boxes. Rather, call around to your local stores. Most companies will throw boxes they don’t need into their recycling bin. By calling ahead of time, they will often give you permission to look through their recycling bin to find boxes that you could use. Grocery stores are ideal for this as they often have boxes of all shapes and sizes. Produce boxes are particularly ideal as they can carry heavy items. Call your local liquor store as they have boxes designed to protect fragile items. 

3. Look Online

Some individuals know the costs that are associated with relocating and will do all they can to help another person. Some individuals will post all of their old and unused supplies online that you can pick up for a small cost or free. Often, you will find many boxes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and other items. Look for these items on local online yard sale pages, Craigslist, or social media channels. 

4. Declutter

If you want to save money when relocating, then do not take as much stuff with you. This will not only save you money, but it will save you time and work to transport the items as well.  

If you know you are relocating in the near future, begin the decluttering process. Go through all areas in your home including all closets, cupboards, drawers, etc. Put all items into four different piles: keep, donate, sell, and throw away. 

If the item is something you use on a regular basis, has sentimental value, etc., then it should go into your keep pile. If it is still in good condition but you don’t use it often, consider donating it. If it is like-new and an item another individual could benefit using, sell it. This is an excellent way to make a little extra money that could help to cover all the expenses of your move. If the item is broken, throw it away. There is no reason you should keep it and take it with you to your new location. 

If you are relocating to a small home or many of your items are going into a storage unit, make this step a priority. This will prevent feeling cluttered and overwhelmed once you arrive at your new home. 

5. Move In the Winter

Many individuals choose to move when the weather is nice. They don’t want to worry about transporting their belongings in terrible outdoor conditions. While this will make the process a little more enjoyable, it can make it more expensive. If you are considering hiring movers in Greeley, you may find that these warmer months will cost you more money. Rather, you should consider relocating during the winter months. This will not only save you money but you may find it is easier to hire a company you like as well. 

6. Hire the Experts

Relocating is certainly a stressful and overwhelming task. It requires a substantial amount of time and effort for everyone involved. By considering moving services in Greeley, you will have a much less stressful event. Experts will take care of the entire process from packing all of your belongings into boxes and bringing the supplies with them, to loading up the truck and transporting it to your new location. Many companies will also unload the truck at your home as well. 

Keep in mind that your new location will play a critical role in the cost of these services. If you are heading across the country, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars. However, if you are relocating across town, it will be substantially less. As you prepare to relocate, call various companies to receive a price quote. This will help you determine which one will save you the most money for this challenging task. 

Relocating can be costly. However, by implementing the above tips, you will find that you can save a substantial amount of money and have a more enjoyable move. You will not be as stressed when you arrive at your destination and your bank account and budget will thank you.