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3 Of The Best Box Types For Packing

Jul 12, 2020 | Moving Information, Moving Tips

If you have a big move around the corner, you need to develop a significant packing system. Too many people spend hours shoving their belongings in random containers and bins and often do not think about organizing their items into boxes designed for specific items. The way you pack will significantly affect how easy your move goes. Would you rather have everything bunched up together and disorganized or create a system? Once you commit to packing the right way, you can safeguard your move from the many issues that people run into.

Depending on whether or not you have been living in your current home for many years, the number of accumulated things may be very high. Many people do not realize how much stuff they have until it is time to move. Taking a look at all your things, and staring a move in the face, can be straight-up overwhelming. Many people aren’t motivated enough to make their move successful because they don’t know how to approach things. When it comes to packing for your move, the best way to prepare is by choosing the right storage solutions for your belongings. This article will outline three different box types that you can use for specific items during your move. Make sure to call the movers in Greeley to schedule a pick-up day. 

Wardrobe Boxes

By far, one of the best ways to pack up your clothing is by using wardrobe boxes. Many people think that they can use any regular old box for their clothing, but these people do not know the benefits of a wardrobe box. Rather than taking all your clothes off the hangers and then folding into a box, all you do is hang the clothing within the wardrobe box. These boxes have a bar across the top where hangers go, and there is ample room for your garment to hang, preventing wrinkling. These boxes also semi-open from the side and top to easily insert and remove clothing items. Once you arrive at your new home, you can quickly bring the wardrobe boxes to their designated rooms and have each family member rehang them in their new closets. If you don’t use wardrobe boxes, it can take many hours to go through all your clothes and hang them. Depending on how far away you are moving, this also leaves the clothes at risk of getting ruined. If you are storing your clothing, wardrobe boxes are also useful as they prevent them from getting musty and moisture from accumulating. If you don’t keep a lot of your clothing on hangers, use these boxes for your large winter jackets, or bulky sweaters. Usually, at the bottom of the box, you can store shoes and other items.

Clear Plastic Containers

A handy packing tool to have are clear plastic containers. These are reusable and keep all your belongings safe from moisture, dirt, and bugs. You can fill these with whatever you want and easily stack them at your new home. Many people choose these as they do not necessarily want to unpack all their items when they get to a new location but want to know where everything is. As these are transparent, you can easily see all your belongings inside and won’t have to go opening a ton of boxes before finding the one you need. These boxes are also great if you will be storing them outside or in the garage, as they are durable and will keep all your items protected. These come in several different sizes and shapes, so depending on where you are putting them, you can choose your shape to fit. If you want to roll them underneath beds, there are large shallow containers with wheels. Usually, it is best to buy them all from the same place as it guarantees that they will be stackable, and you can interchange the lids with one another. If you want to make packing a breeze, opt for these containers. The moving company in Greeley will easily be able to help you out with them. 

File Boxes

Have you ever noticed how much paperwork you have lying around the house? Sometimes keeping track and organizing it can be challenging, especially during a move. The best way to keep all your papers and files organized is by using specially designed boxes. These boxes are extra durable with corrugated cardboard and lids that easily lift off. These are the perfect size for paper, and you can add dividers to them so that everything has its place. Even if you don’t have a ton of paperwork, you can use these boxes for holding other office supplies or even kitchen supplies. Because they have handles, are easily stacked, and can be moved by a single person, they are ideal boxes for moving. These boxes are also trendy because they can hold weighty items. As there is no seam on the bottom of the box, it won’t buckle easily. Depending on your current filing system, you may lift out your files and transfer them directly into these boxes. Depending on how many of these boxes you pack up, you will most likely require moving services in Greeley. Make sure you speak to them beforehand about all your items so that they can adequately prepare. 

Figuring out the best packing solutions is not always as straightforward as you would think. While it can be tempting to throw everything into a box and call it a day, you want to take your time and focus on the organization so that unpacking is simple. By using specialized boxes for your items, you will keep things safe and streamline storage. Choose wardrobe boxes for bulky clothing and jackets as you can quickly transfer them still on the hanger, opt for clear containers for other items that you want to keep protected, and file boxes for paperwork and other heavy items. Soon you will be extra prepared for the big move.