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3 Great Pre-Packing Tips For Moving Day

Jul 19, 2020 | Moving Information

When it comes to packing up your home for a big move, you need to make sure you tackle it the best way possible. Too many people fail to prepare themself for a move, and they often lose their items, get disorganized, or their belongings break. If you take a look around your home, you can see that packing is a job that is not going to get done in a day. It can often take several days, if not weeks to pack up your home for a move adequately. As you are packing, you will have to sift through your belongings and figure out what you are going to keep and what you’re going to give away. As there are several steps involved, you want to be ready. 

If you have children, packing is a great way to get the family involved in something together. It can be a fun experience if you properly prepare. In this article, you will learn of three of the best packing tips to make it go as smoothly as possible. Ensure that you keep the moving company in Fort Collins up to speed with your plans to know when you need them. 

Start Early

As soon as you know you are going to move, it would help if you started planning. Planning is essential to get everything prepared and prevents you from being too disorganized come the big day. Planning doesn’t mean you need to start packing up the boxes, but instead, start thinking about how you will tackle packing. What room do you want to begin with? What items can you pack that you won’t need before the move? Once you figure out what can go in boxes without affecting your everyday life, you can start putting these aside. Some of the more cumbersome areas like crawl spaces, basements, and garages often have tons of old belongings, holiday decorations, or sporting goods that can most likely be put into boxes or sorted. Getting these out of the way will give you more space both physically and mentally to tackle areas like the bedrooms, living room, and kitchen.

 If you have children, you may have some of their old toys or clothing lying around, and it is a good idea to go through these with your kids to get rid of anything that you know you won’t be using. Sort your items into what you can throw out, stuff you’re going to keep, and other things you can donate. If you haven’t used something within the last year, it probably is safe to say that you won’t be needing it again. These items are much more useful to someone else and will make your new place feel less cramped. If you start planning and packing up rooms early on, you will give yourself plenty of time to adequately sift through items making the whole process feel less rushed. 

Keep In Touch With Movers

After you have hired moving services in Fort Collins, you will want to make sure that you keep in touch with them in the weeks leading up to the move. If you have large or fragile items, it is imperative to let them know about these so they can prepare. Giving them information on the number of items and the size will help them choose out the right truck sizes and how many people they should bring along. In some cases, they may even have special equipment like dollies or carts that they will need. It would help if you also informed them of how to access your house and park. A move needs to be logistically organized for it to go smoothly. By telling them the details of your home, the items, and the accessibility, you set yourself up for success. If some of your things are too large, they may instruct you to dismantle some furniture to fit through the doorways. Make sure that you also tell them about the location where the items will be moved to. They should be aware of entry point restrictions like small walkways, narrow parking spaces, small doorways. Depending on which movers in Fort Collins you work with, they may provide you with a list of things you need to inform the move. They will most likely ask you lots of questions, so make sure to answer correctly so they can be prepared. 

Start Collecting Boxes

When you order stuff online or buy new products, you are often left with a large box. If you make an effort to keep these boxes in the months leading up to your move, you can use them for storage. Make sure that the boxes are large enough, as many small boxes can be cumbersome to movers. Doing this, you practice recycling and make your move a little more green. Another way to make your move more environmentally friendly is to get together newspapers and other items and hold onto them rather than throw them away. There is no point in spending copious amounts of money on bubble wrap and other packing material as you can easily make your own. Another great way to keep the green practices going when you move into your new home is to purchase reusable plastic boxes for storing all your goods. Having these means, you aren’t going to have to buy a whole new load of boxes the next time it comes to move. These are easy to maneuver and keep your belongings safe.

When it comes to making a big move, you want to make sure you are taking pre-packing steps to succeed. If you start early, you give yourself time to properly plan the move and figure out what you need to keep and what needs to go. Make sure you stay in touch with the business helping you move and hold onto boxes as these will make a move more straightforward.